We are very proud to announce that we will be moving our offices to our new building.  After 20 years it was time to change.  The location will only change slightly.

The moving operation will take place on September 14th 2007 and we apologize for the inconvenience that could occur in the communication that day. Due to the moving of the communication facilities it could be hard to contact our staff.  Therefore you can use, in case of urgency the mobile phones of our staff which we can give on first demand.

As from September 17th 2007 our new address will be :

                                                                                EMIL IPSEN GMBH & CO / IPSEN LOGISTICS BVBA
                                                                                ANKERRRUI 20 – 6TH FLOOR
                                                                                2000 ANTWERP (BELGIUM)

 In a few weeks another change will be announced which we keep a secret at this moment but it will serve you as our client in a more effective way than the IPSEN service already did.  So keep an eye to your mail !

 We will be pleased if you would pay us a visit to our new offices.  Ipsen Logistics BVBA will serve you as you are used to and even beter, it is time for a change !